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Circulation Policy

Adopted July 2001
Revised December 2002
Revised May 2007
Revised December 2008
Revised May 2010
Revised June 2014
Revised December 2015

A core service of the library is the loan of materials. The library does this by maintaining a database of registered borrowers and giving patrons in good standing access to the collections of the Boulder Junction Public Library and the libraries of Northern Waters Library Service. In providing borrowing privileges, the library promotes use of materials and ensures the rights of borrowers.

All borrowers must have a valid local or Merlin consortium patron library card to borrow library materials.
A. Issuing a Library Card
1. Patrons must fill out and sign a “Resident” or “Visitor” Patron Borrower Card Application form to register for a library card. Library cards are issued free of charge.
2. Patrons must provide a picture ID, either a driver’s license or state ID, on behalf of themselves and/or minor children. Birthdate is required on application forms.
3. The person whose signature is on the card application is responsible for all materials borrowed from the library under that library card number according to the policies of the lending library.
4. Applicants under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign the application form.
5. Library cards expire after three years. Cards may be renewed after verification of application information.
6. Patrons only need one library card for all Merlin libraries and duplicate cards will not be issued.
7. Patrons with lost cards should notify the library as soon as possible and request a replacement card. There is a $2.00 fee for each new card.

B. Loan Periods
1. The loan period for books, audio books and non-current periodicals is three weeks.
2. The loan period for DVDs is seven days. The loan period for DVD sets is 14 days.
3. Reference books do not circulate. Special arrangements may be made at the discretion of the library director.
4. The most current issues of periodicals do not circulate.
5. Materials may be renewed if there are no holds on that title. Renewal requests can be made in person, by phone or online.
6. Interlibrary loans are due on the date set by the lending library.
7. Libraries requesting materials from our library will receive a 30-day loan period.
8. The director may establish a loan period for special collections, materials that are temporarily in great demand or materials added which are in a new format.
9. There is a 100 item limit on the number of items a “resident” patron can borrow at one time. There is a limit of 20 DVDs, 20 audiobooks, and 20 music CDs. There is a limit of 6 items a “visitor” patron can borrow at one time.

C. Holds
1. Items may be placed on “hold” on a patron’s record. In order to be fair to other patrons, there is a limit on the number of holds that can be placed on each individual record.
2. Items on the holdshelf must be picked up within 7 days or they will be returned to the lending library.

D. Fines
1. To encourage the timely return of library materials, there shall be a 5-cents per-day-per-item fine for books and audiobooks and a 25-cents per-day-per-item fine for DVDs.
2. There is a 3-day grace period for the return of books, audio books, non-current periodicals, and DVDs. Materials returned during this time will generate no fines. Materials returned after the grace period will incur fines for each day overdue.

E. Overdue Notices and Penalties
1. A first notice in the form of a phone call, email or letter will be made after material is overdue by at least seven days. Patrons should notify the library which type of notice method they would prefer.
2. If the material is not returned within the following seven days, a second written notice or email will be made.
3. Following an additional seven days, if the materials have not been returned to the library, a notice will be sent stating that this is the third and final notice. The notice will further state that all library privileges will be suspended until the materials are returned. Patrons who have been sent a final overdue notice and bill may be denied all borrowing privileges until the materials are returned or reimbursement is made for lost and/or damaged materials.
4. The board of trustees may choose an "Amnesty Day", where all overdue material can be turned in to the library with no penalty attached.
5. Libraries requesting materials from the Boulder Junction Public Library will receive a six-week checkout with no fines for overdue materials. If materials are lost, the borrowing library will replace or pay for replacement of materials.

F. Lost or Damaged Materials
1. If materials are lost or damaged, so as to be judged by the library director as being unsuitable for the collection, the patron must pay the actual list price plus a $5 processing fee. A bill will be sent to the borrower.
2. If the list price is not readily available, a replacement fee is calculated using the default pricing in the catalog system. The library director may negotiate a replacement cost with the borrower.

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